Volt Athletics Named Official Strength and Conditioning Partner of Football Canada and the Canadian National Football Teams

Ottawa, ON, Canada; Seattle, WA, USA—Tuesday, July 11, 2017: Football Canada, the national governing body of Canadian amateur football, has named sport performance technology company Volt Athletics the official strength and conditioning provider for Football Canada including the organization's national teams.

Football Canada represents tackle, touch, and flag football, and assembles Canadian national teams for international competition. As part of the partnership, members of Football Canada’s national teams program will have access to Volt Athletics’ professionally built strength and conditioning platform.

“We continue to pursue excellence at all levels of Football Canada, and this partnership allows us to standardize professional-quality strength training for our athletes with a focus on proper physical development,” says Football Canada Executive Director Shannon Donovan. “Volt allows for us to provide safe and effective training to all our athletes, regardless of location, experience, or gender.”

Volt’s Intelligent Training System analyzes simple inputs from athletes to build their optimal individualized training program. As the player completes their training sessions, Volt’s intelligent technology adapts and grows each athlete’s training, prescribing unique workouts as part of a long-term approach to physical development. Each training session is accessible via any mobile device, and is delivered complete with resources designed for safe and effective execution, including specific instructions, sets, reps, weights, and visual cues, including movement demonstrations and coaching tips.

Additionally, Football Canada coaches will have unprecedented insight into their players’ progress and well-being, and can tailor the training to match the player’s position, training environment, and experience—ensuring the player is getting the right workout every time he or she steps into the weight room.

“We’re excited to partner with Football Canada, and help build stronger, healthier football players throughout Canada,” says Dan Giuliani, Volt Athletics Co-Founder and CEO. “Together, Football Canada and Volt are building a cohesive strength training environment, and will be able to help these rising stars reach their full potential.”

Through the partnership, Football Canada members will receive a 10-percent discount on Volt team strength training packages. A discount code will be provided through respective provincial football associations. To learn more about Volt’s football training program, visit: voltathletics.com/groups/teams.

About Football Canada

Ottawa-based Football Canada (www.footballcanada.com) is the national governing body of Canadian amateur football, which represents tackle, touch and flag components including players, coaches, officials and administrators. Through the guidance of the Board of Directors and the National Office, Football Canada’s mission is “to initiate, sustain, and encourage programs, services and activities targeted at all levels, from the novice to the elite, which foster safe and ethical participation in amateur football.” Follow Football Canada at facebook.com/FootballCanada or on Twitter @FootballCanada

About Volt® Athletics

Volt Athletics Inc.® (‘Volt’) is a Seattle-based sports tech company that brings professional-level sport performance training to athletes and teams worldwide. Volt’s proprietary Intelligent Training System leverages decades of proven strength and conditioning research and science to build hyper-personalized training plans delivered through an intelligent training system.

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