COVID-19 has changed the way employers provide health and wellness benefits to their employees. With Volt's personalized at-home training programs, it's easier than ever for employees to stay active no matter where they are. Raise the bar with workplace fitness today by checking out our best-in-class workout experience!

Fast and Effective

Our new At-Home Workout programs deliver a continuous circuit-based training experience, designed to target your entire body with limited rest time between exercises. The best part? Each workout takes only 20-30 minutes—and your employees will see improvements in both cardio and strength.

With a hands-free, audio-guided training experience, our new circuit training format will let you know what movement to complete, how long to rest, when to switch sides, and what's coming up next.


Workout From Anywhere

With equipment selection features and programs designed specifically for working out at home, Volt delivers the perfect program for each of your employees. 

Your employees can beat the daily grind and sedentary nature of today's workforce by staying active with effective and safe training that can be done anywhere!

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Customize Your Workout

No equipment? No problem. Whether your employees are missing a piece of equipment, or just don't feel like a particular exercise, they can simply tap the "Replace" button and we'll recommend six alternative exercises. The Volt library has over 3,000 movements, so each workout can be perfectly tailored to every individual.

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Track What Matters

With Volt's user-friendly mobile app, employees log their workouts and gather data to track trends that keep them healthy.  

Volt creates a periodized training plan in seconds and provides a summary after each workout to show how you are improving and getting stronger.

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Fight the Stats

The average American adult is unfit and unhealthy. According to the National Health Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are leading causes of poor health. 

  • 39.8% of American adults are obese (BMI > 30 kg/m2) and an additional 31.8% are overweight (BMI >25.0-29.9 kg/m2) 

  • 14.7% of American adults are diabetic 

  • 31.2% of American adults have high blood pressure, and heart disease remains the #1 cause of death

Volt helps employees fight the stats with engaging training that will help keep them active, happy, and healthy.

Build Good Habits

Empower employees to prioritize health and get active by providing a completely remote solution that provides effective training, guidance, accountability, and support.

Increase Engagement & Save Money

Here are the results of case studies of companies using Volt as an option for employee wellness. This includes a 2-year pilot program at a Fortune 50 company! Keeping your employees happy is good for business!



You're In Good Company

From the Philadelphia Eagles to Division 1 schools such as Clemson and Michigan to the US Airforce and the Sacramento Fire Department, Volt is helping all different types of organizations keep active and healthy.

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